A stunning ‘roundhouse’ curve garage door, built as part of a project to renovate and extend a Grade II listed property, provides a new perspective on the design, purpose and visual appeal of an exceptional British garage.

The large private family home in Surrey, originally designed and built between 1930 and 1963 by eminent exponent of the vernacular tradition and Arts & Crafts in architecture Harold Falkner, has been enhanced by renowned architects Stedman Blower. The project encompassed internal alterations, restoration of a five metre high bay window to the main house and the creation of a four bay garage.

The garage’s purpose, usage and desired appearance meant fusing traditional design with contemporary solutions, and it was Rundum Meir tailor made garage doors that held the key to delivering on the architects’ vision.

With the brief to create a four-bay garage to replace an existing single garage, Stedman Blower’s design sought to replicate a traditional coach house in order to fit with the Surrey vernacular. It required the use of materials that related to the existing house – notably timber and clay tiles – but the ambition was both complement and contrast with the older structure.

By adopting a curved shape to the garage, which effectively created a roundhouse, the architects created a building with reduced visual impacts, as the removal of the corners narrows the building’s appearance. This challenging design was delivered to a high standard with the help of Rundum Meir at the earliest design stage.

Round Garage Door Open

The curved oak Rundum Meir doors specified are typical of the aesthetic and technical excellence that underpins every door designed and produced. On this project, the doors were solid oak Rundum Original top hung automated garage doors. The two semi circles or curved openings at each end of the garage is 10m long, totalling 20 metres of garage doors, divided into four automated bi- parting 5m doors. A particular challenge was ensuring that the doors look a continuous part of the external cladding.

Danesch Missaghian, owner manager at Rundum Meir (UK) Ltd said: “This round coach house project demonstrates very clearly how the garage doors can unlock new creative possibilities and applications, determining the whole design of the garage and enabling an architecturally stunning result. Every one of our garage doors is made to order so the scope to customise the design, materials, colours, finishes and operation is virtually endless, and this is why Rundum Meir doors feature so widely in outstanding architecture.”

All Rundum Meir garage doors are custom designed in UK made in Germany and assembled in the UK, using the highest quality materials such as solid timber and tough extruded aluminium which can be insulated. Architects in the UK, across Europe and in the USA benefit from its specialist design advice and expert technical support to help turn design concepts into reality.

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