Overhead sectional

Overhead Sectional Sliding Garage Doors

We specialise in bespoke timber designed overhead sliding garage doors.

Rundum Meir ceiling mounted sectional doors made of timber make a striking impression with their fresh and vibrant appearance. Environmental concern can be combined with individual taste in garage door design. Indeed, the natural character of wood means that there are no limits to what can be done in terms of design and appearance.

These Rundum Meir sliding garage doors slide upwards in sections.

  • Manufactured in solid timber
  • Arched timber doors can be made to suit most openings

The sliding garage door panels move in side guides and are stowed under the ceiling when open. Torsion springs counterbalance the sliding garage doors to ensure quiet and smooth operation. It is possible to let the sliding garage doors follow an angle of the roof. Timber doors can be manufactured to have vertical tongue and groove boarding or routing to meet conservation requirements. These Rundum Meir garage doors offer good insulation.

Your sliding garage doors will be tailor made to suit your requirements with the finest craftsmanship  Each timber door is factory treated with an environmentally compatible stain to protect the wood from fungal attack. A large choice of woods and design options means that no two doors are alike.

Rundum Meir overhead sectional doors are ideal for individual panel patterns and designs including slat bevels and glazing. For extra safety, wooden finger safety guards are incorporated between the panels.

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