Hand-crafted bespoke garage doors which incorporate ventilation louvres can play an important role in optimising air flow in garage spaces to facilitate air conditioning systems and improve internal air quality for users.

As a manufacturer of bespoke garage doors, Rundum Meir designs and makes every door to suit the exact needs of a property, and this includes the ability to incorporate louvres. These enable architects to boost air flow into the garage when the door is in the closed position, maintaining security and privacy whilst offering new potential for the configuration of a property’s air conditioning system. Rundum Meir can provide calculations for the expected air flow rates at the design stage too.

Whether a new build or refurbishment project, Rundum Meir garage doors with integrated vents can combine these functional benefits with aesthetic goals in side sliding, side sectional, overhead sectional and up and over styles. Using hand selected and crafted timber to meet the requirements of listed buildings and conservation areas, doors can be manufactured with vents positioned and scaled in line with other horizontal or vertical sightlines to give a seamless look.

Danesch Missaghian, Director of Rundum Meir (UK) said: “Garages generally have sufficient uncontrolled ventilation because they are not designed to be airtight, but with the addition of vents it is possible to use the garage space as route for air flow when designing air conditioning systems. And the visual appearance is unique too, adding a sophistication and break from the norm aesthetically.”

All Rundum Meir garage doors are custom designed in the UK, made in Germany and assembled in the UK, using the highest quality materials such as solid timber and tough extruded aluminium which can be insulated. Architects in the UK, across Europe and in the USA benefit from its specialist design advice and expert technical support to help turn design concepts into reality.