A newly refurbished garage at a private residence in North Yorkshire demonstrates how thinking outside the box and applying a non-standard shape can maximise the building footprint to provide the largest area of usable internal space and easy vehicle access.

The angle of the external boundary of the plot of the Victorian house presented an opportunity during a refurbishment project to remodel the garage and move away from the existing garage’s standard rectangular shape.

Rundum Meir side sliding garage door with double angle trackBy aligning the front elevation of the garage with the adjacent house, vehicular access could be improved. It was, however, a design that required the integration of a door that could comfortably handle a right angle corner followed by an obtuse angle further along the side wall of the garage.

Providing the ideal solution was a bespoke Rundum Original side sliding door which is designed to follow the exact shape of the new garage. These ‘round the corner’ garage doors are ideal for buildings like this where wider openings can be achieved by making the corner of the structure effectively slide to the side.

Here the client and their architect specified the door to be extruded aluminium, insulated and powder coated in a white finish to complement the natural stone and brick construction. Fully automated using Rundum Meir’s cordless motor, the door slides smoothly to the right on approach to provide a clear 6.7 m wide opening and enable two vehicles to be stored safely inside the garage.

Danesch Missaghian, Director of Rundum Meir (UK) says: “This project perfectly illustrates how a Rundum Meir side sliding garage door can enable the design of a well-designed residential garage to take a totally different tack, because you don’t have to be constrained by the door being a simple linear arrangement. Extending into and around the corner of the garage makes access so much easier and the overhead space inside the garage is not compromised either so space availability is maximised.”

All Rundum Meir garage doors, which are also available in side sectional, overhead sectional and up-and-over styles, are designed by its UK team, hand crafted to the highest standards in Germany using the finest quality materials, and then assembled here in Britain prior to installation.

In addition to the high strength extruded aluminium in any RAL or other colour, Rundum Meir’s garage doors are available in many different types of timber as well as bespoke cladding such as glass and other materials needed to match a building facade.