Custom-made garage doors and car port doors from Rundum Meir, which provide natural ventilation and daylighting into enclosed garage spaces, can perfectly integrate into contemporary architecture featuring vertical timber board-on-batten cladding to achieve a seamless aesthetic result.

The concept is perfectly illustrated at the award-winning Abode development by Countryside Properties in Cambridgeshire, where the architects Proctor and Matthews sought to deliver uniformity across different housing styles using a limited palette of materials.

Key to this was the use of horizontal and vertical cladding, which was extended into the doors for the car ports manufactured by Rundum Meir in matching oak. And by choosing a ventilated door design, fresh air and daylight is allowed to flow through the car ports from the rear gardens, adding an interesting visual dimension.

Every Rundum Meir garage door is made-to-order, which ensures any concept, material choice, style or size can be precision engineered to perfectly fit the design intent. This allows the specification of garage doors which are multi-functional, such as to assist with natural ventilation in the garage or as a vent for a building’s air conditioning system.

Vertical cladding with clean sightlines is a feature of many of the best examples of contemporary architecture, and this aesthetic goal can be maintained with ease thanks to Rundum Meir’s choice of side sliding, side opening sectional and overhead sectional garage doors. Its design and manufacturing capabilities are almost unlimited, which means the garage door can easily be designed as a stand-out feature or blend sympathetically within a building to play a more restrained role.

With more than 50 years’ experience in manufacturing garage doors by hand-to the finest standards of craftsmanship, Rundum Meir offers premium quality products which can make a positive contribution to any high-end domestic or commercial building project.

Doors are created using the highest quality wood and aluminium, with species of timber including Spruce, Sapele, Hemlock, Cedar, Larch, European Oak, Douglas Fir and Iroko. Importantly, each door is constructed from the same piece of timber to ensure colour continuity and matching veining patterns.

To ensure lasting performance, all wooden door options doors are impregnated with an environmentally friendly base coat to protect against moisture, which can then be finished after it has been delivered and installed or during the production process. Rundum Meir’s aluminium garage door options are designed with insulated panels in a variety of finishes and colours, including a wide selection of RAL colours and unique faux wood options.

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